Guild: Rasisci

The guild was founded on 6 Nov 2023, 16:48:15.

New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

Rank Name
The Leader Sadysta Krulewicz
568 Master Sorcerer
Vice-Leader Ogienpalestyna
607 Elder Druid
Member Alkoholik Ryszard (Brak Watroby)
49 Master Sorcerer
Nebany Jigger (sianek)
600 Royal Paladin
622 Elite Knight
Invited characters
Radosny Tranzwestyta
Members Online 0 out of 5
Highest Level Xilulek (622)
Average Level 489
Lowest Level Alkoholik Ryszard (49)
Total Level 2446
Description Started Stats
Rasisci are not participating in any war at the moment.
There are no pending war declarations related to Rasisci.
Description Ended Stats
Rasisci does not have any war history.