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Q: What do I have to do in order to Play?
A: Create an account and download our Client. Then log in by using your email address and password. In order to manage your account log into the page using your ACCOUNT NAME and password.
Q: Do I have to pay for premium?
A: Every player joing IGLAOTS have Premium automatically. We do not limit access to the content.
Q: How to create more characters?
A: Log into your account at the website and it will guide you through.
Q: What is the current version of the Client and the associated content?
A: Our current Client runs on Version 13.10, with all the previous content. The only missing content is: Ingol and Gnomprona, which will be added in future updates.
Q: Can I use BOT / MACRO on the Server?
A: We are strictly against any kind of cavebot, abusing multiclient etc. and doing this will lead to account deletion. In case with people using auto-looting, auto utito with other spells etc. it is really hard to prove someone is using scripts so we decided for now to allow using them. Keep in mind Cavebotting/auto refilling and abusing multiclient is still prohibited.
Q: How do I purchase blessings and how much do they cost?
A: You can buy blessings by writing the !bless command in your local chat. The cost dfepends on your current level, but it will not exeed 120k GP.
Q: How do I purchase a House? How do I sell it?
A: You can do it by using the commands !buyhouse in order to purchase it. !sellhouse "player nick" in order to sell it to a different player or !leavehouse if you are no longer interested in keeping the house.
Q: Can I check who is currently online?
A: Yes you can by using the command !online
Q: Do I have to do any quests to gain access?
A: Most of the quests are already unlocked and access to the hunting grounds is available. However in order to receive the quest reward you will have to complete the whole quest.
Q: Are there any trainers? Where can I skill?
A: There are three ways of training. First is using exercise weapons on training dummies, which we located north of Thais depot. They gives 10% more skill. Trainers purchased via store and located in your house will have 20% bonus. Second way for training is simple jump into teleport in Thais temple/Ul'den depot which will lead you straight to trainers. Trainer area is non-pvp area and you can find NPC with ammunition nearby. Last way of training is typical offline training where your character gain skills while you are away.
Q: Is there a Task system? How does it work?
A: Indeed we have one, you can start a task by talking with Thomas the Hunter. You can select one task at the time, but fear not if you abandon the task it will not reset the counter and you will be able to get back to it later. Additionally after finishing the task you don't have to report it instantly, as the additional kills will count towards the next task, also you can repeat the task as many times as you want. Check the Custom Tab for more details.
Q: What I can do with Igla Tokens, what are they for?
A: In the Adventurers Guild you can find the NPC Nishat who will gladly trade with you in exchange for the Igla Tokens. You can find various items such as: equipment, mounts, outfits, enchanting.
Q: Can I forge Items on IGLAOTS?
A: Yes you can use the well known forge from RL Tibia, which was adjusted to make it more accessible (it requires less dusts and cash in order to forge the item). Additionally we have introduced our own version of a Forge called Enchanting. You can check more information about it in the Custom section or in Wiki.
Q: How does bosses work here? Is it like in real Tibia?
A: Most of the bosses were weakened by their mechanics. For example, you do not have to write anything while killing Oberon. Another example would be Scarlet Etzel which can be killed using any type of damage i.e SD/GFB.
Q: Any special changes with old bosses?
A: Every "Nemesis" boss (Ferumbras, Orshabaal, Morgaroth and Ghazbaran) will spawn from 7 to 14 days. They hold increased loot, they deal 5x more damage than in real Tibia and also gives 100x more exp.
Q: How loot system works on custom daily bosses?
A: Every boss have personal loot system that means everyone got their own chance for items. Also the droprate does not depend on the damage dealt / received, making it possible for each player to get the precious items.
Q: Are raids the same as in real Tibia?
A: Most of the raids are reworked (they spawn much more mobs than usual) so you can do some unusual bestiary faster. There are also some custom raids in order to make it easier for players to get their charm points.
Q: Do I have to unlock Charms?
A: Yes you have to collect the points by completing the bestiary, However the required points have been lowered, additionally some of the monsters have regular spawns in order to make it possible to collect the points in no time!
Q: Any changes with common monsters?
A: We reworked 99% of the monsters fixing their attacks, loot, way they behave etc. We have also added some special loot from various monsters and chance to loot these items is usually lower than 1/2500 monsters killed. Once you unlock bestiary remember to check if it does drop anything extra.
Q: Do we have all the avaialable items?
A: You name it, we have it. We have working Soul War items, Eldritch items, Primal items, Naga items.
Q: How to obtain X item?
A: Tinkers items can be bought from the NPC or obtained through custom quests. More information and quest spoiler on the dedicated Wiki. here
Q: I have no luck with dropping items from bosses, what are my option?
A: We have introduced the Boss Hunting System, which will reward you with a random item from the corresponding boss after a set kill, simply talk with Soulhunter Azdarion in Thais to check the details.
Q: I have no luck with dropping items from bosses, what are my option?
A: You can use our Reforge system, located in the Adventurer's Guild. You can trade your items for dusts, which will allow you to buy the items you need.
Q: How does life leech works here because i see T3 Imbu gave only 17% ?
A: Life leech works different there, that means there is no reduction if you deal dmg to more monsters at once. Overall life leech here is stronger compared to RL tibia.
Q: How does Charms Works?
A: We have worked the amount of charm points you need, additionally we have introduced Global Charms - Life Leech , Man Leech , Critical Hit, which will apply to every monster when unlocked, regardless of what monster you set for it.
Q: Does the Bosstiary system work?
A: Yes, we have a working Bosstiary system, which you can use to your advantage to raise the chance of a rare drop.
Q: Does the Wheel of Destiny work?
A: Yes, we have a fully working Wheel of Destiny. In order to unlock it, get to lvl 50 and purchase your promotion. You will be then granted the possibility to allocate points in skills.
Q: What version of Utamo Vita / E-ring you have?
A: We use the old Utamo Vita mechanics. Druids and Sorcerers are still able to use e-rings additionally they can use Exana Vita to cancel Utamo Vita with 14sec cooldown, making hunting with Utamo Vita a viable option.
Q: Does Soul War monsters have their mechanics?
A: Yes.
Q: I have lost access to my account, what do I do?
A: Fear not, contact us on the #ask-gm-pl-en channel and we will sort it out for you.
Q: How does the Loyality Shop work?
A: For every 1h online your character is rewared with Tokens which you can spend in the ingame store. For example you can a XP boost with it. The points collect when your Client is running and Character is Online
Q: How much do I have to pay for the exercise weapons?
A: You can purchase it by spending Tibia Coins or Gold Coins.
23 TC for a 500 use weapon
72 TC for a 1800 use weapon
594 TC for a 14400 use weapon
472 500 GP for a 500 use weapon
1 620 000 GP for a 1800 use weapon
12 600 000 GP for a 14400 use weapon
Q: Has any item changed compared to real tibia?
A: Yes, we have changed several items to make them a viable option to use. For example Destruction weapons have 3 Imbu slots, other received additional skills, protection. It's for the players to discover them all.
* Exotic legs (Arm:8, club fighting +2, sword fighting +2, axe fighting +2, protection physical +5%).
* Bast legs (Arm:8, distance fighting +2, protection physical +4%, energy +4%).
* Throwing axe (Atk:7 physical + 44 death, Def:30 +2, axe fighting +2). 2 SLOTS
* Exotic amulet (Arm:2, protection physical +4%, earth +7%).
* Jungle wand (magic level +2, protection physical +3%). 2 SLOTS
* Jungle rod (magic level +2, protection physical +3%). 2 SLOTS
* Jungle bow (Range: 6, Atk +6, Hit% +4, distance fighting +2, protection physical +3%). 3 SLOTS
* Jungle flail (Atk:5 physical + 47 fire, Def:31 +2, club fighting +2). 2 SLOTS
* Jungle quiver (distance fighting +1)
*Umbral Master Chopper (Atk: 53, Def: 34, Axe fighting +3, +9% life leech) 2 SLOTS
*Umbral Master Hammer (Atk: 54, Def 34, Club fighting +3, +9% life leech) 2 SLOTS
*Umbral Master Slayer (Atk: 53, Def: 34, Sword fighting +3, +9% life leech) 2 SLOTS
*Umbral Master Bow (Atk: 5, Dist fighting +3, life leech +9) 2 SLOTS
*Umbral Master Mace (Atk: 51, Def: 30 +3, Club fighting +1) 2 SLOTS
Umbral Master Axe (Atk: 52, Def: 30 +3, Axe fighting +1) 2 SLOTS
*Umbral Masterblade (Atk: 51, Def: 31 +3, Sword fighting +1) 2 SLOTS
*icy culottes (Arm:8, protection ice +8% + 1 mlev)